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Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Hey y'all! I am back with another blog and let me tell yalllllll! First off, God is good. This blog here is very special to me for various reasons. The way I write my blogs are from the heart. I truly be telling ya’ll my whole life. Haha From what I go through, to how I feel and everything in between. I also look at what I last typed about and then I realized that a lot of time has passed and so then I need to catch ya’ll up on my life. Lol A lot has happened since I have quit teaching. Half the time, I still can’t believe that I left. I sometimes still have that feeling of, “OMG! I have to go back soon!” As if my summer is about to end. But, I am soooo happy that I made that leap of faith. Because now, I get to create the life that I want for this new season and now I have my Summer Forever!

So like…let’s go from the top. So I leave right, I am enjoying my summer. My last paycheck is coming in August and I am like, “Dang! Yo girl is gonna be broke!” Lol What am I going to do? But I just kept praying to God to lead my path. I have always been a planner so not having my life planned out was sooo weird and scary to me. Like yo girl is out here with no plan and winging it. Lol So here I am just doing life in peace. I am working out, cooking, going out, catching up with friends, and having a blast. And to top it all off, all summer long I was looking forward to an event that I bought my early bird tickets from since April. The event was….drum roll please…..The Spoiled Latina Summit. Last year, I attended too but I was a vendor with Boujee and Blessed and the experience was phenomenal. But this time, I wanted to enjoy the event for what it was and I just network, mingle, and have a good time. I am so happy that I did that. I felt so empowered leaving that event. I felt that I could do anything. I heard from different boss babes in their own industries and I was truly inspired. Here I am, with no plan and feeling like a sponge to soak up all the advice and gems that these women were giving out. It was cool to hear from their humble beginnings to where they are now. I was amp’d up! There was a line that Simone, Director of Brand Marketing from Foot Locker, said and it was, "You are the asset!" I know it's 4 little words but they carry a lot of weight! ANDDD I really needed to hear that in that moment. I have felt that people didn't realize what they had in front of them when it came to what I had to bring to the table. This made me believe that wherever I would go, that I would be an asset to the company, business, etc. This truly got the ball rolling for me to put myself out there and truly believe in myself. I felt like…”Wow! My life could truly go any direction.” So many options can be tricky but I know that I'm passionate about many things so I never want to settle for just doing one thing. I am a truly a creative at heart. That’s what I am. Multi-faceted. Period!

In addition to being a creative, I am a very emotional. And honestly, we are all emotional humans so a lot of what we feel can control our day to day. I have prayed to God to lead me in what he wants me to do daily. But it’s hard NOT to stay in our feelings. It’s crazy how we can go deep in our minds and it deceives and deviates us from what God says about us. Like we really be out here not believing in ourselves enough to step out! I think I have said this before but for so long I felt that I couldn’t do anything else but teaching. But I am proud to say that I have outgrown that mentality. In the face of the unknown, I started to look for job opportunities. And guess what? I got my first job interview and landed it that same day! I completely changed careers and loving it! I am social media content creator and assistant for two different businesses. Stepping out in faith has been hard but so rewarding. I feel so much favor in my life. I am truly blessed! So whatever you are facing, face it with faith! God has you!

Yesterday marked two years since my dad’s passing. They say that it doesn’t get easier but you get use to carrying the weight. It’s the weight of reality. I had a friend pray for me last year and she changed the trajectory of how I faced my grief. She said something along the lines of “Grief is not something that you need to carry everyday.” I balled and balled because I was literally carrying my grief like a puppy dog. But when she said that I truly feel that through her, God was saying, “Give me your grief. Let me carry it. It is not for you to carry.” Wow! That moment truly changed me. Ever since then, I have walked differently. All I can say is that God is truly the only one that has given me strength, peace & hope.

I always wanted to see what my father would look like with a Boujee and Blessed tee. Thanks to my husband for working his magic on photoshop.

In the middle of everything else that I have going on, I received a Certificate of Completion from the West Houston Institute as I was a student for 2 months for their summer cohort of the "Building Your Maker Brand"! It was a free program that I entered in the summer to build my brand. I truly learned so much! And the last day was on Aug. 31! I couldn't believe that I would receive this on such a special day. On a day that marked me forever. I take dates and anniversaries seriously and to me that was truly so special. I am so grateful for this opportunity and the freedom of time that I had (that I didn't have before) to be able to attend something like this. Special shout-out to Connie Leon, the program coordinator, for doing this for small business owners in Houston and surrounding areas.

I am proud of me!

If you have a business or are in the planning stages and want to learn more about this FREE program go to their website and REGISTER! I am most likely doing it again but with new classes.

In this next season of freedom, I feel that my horizons have expanded. I am working on alot of different things and I am grateful. Here’s what you can expect from Boujee & Blessed for the last quarter of the year!

Save the Dates for the following Markets:

  • September 16 - A Salvi Market: Puchica Voz! Curated by yours truly & DJ Rosez.

  • October 8 - Poder Hispano/Hispanic Power with Meraki Wayuu @poderhispano

  • November 5 - Sweet Like Pan Dulce with Miradela @sweetlikepandulce

In addition, in the coming weeks this is what I will be working on:

  • A Collaboration with another Business.

  • Collaborations with Brands (My Goal for my Personal Life)

  • New Merch: Bucket Hats, Tote bags, & Workout Gear!

  • More Outfit Links for the Girls! Follow me on LTK it! :)

So ready for it all! Can't wait for it all to come too fruition. This was short & sweet but there is more to come. Let me know if there is anything that you would like to see on the blog in the future. Thank you for supporting me & for being here. Stay Boujee and Blessed! Love yall!

Yours Truly,


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