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New Beginnings

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

I have never done a blog in my entire life.

I do not know how to even start this, but here I go.

This has been the most challenging year for me. I think that in some way, shape or form we all can agree that 2020 has been a year that we did not expect. It has brought financial hardships, uncertainty, loss, and confusion. But in turn, I can also say that it has been the most eye-opening, character building, out of my comfort zone type of year. I think that is the best state that we can be in. Because if I am honest, prior this year, I felt stagnant. I felt lost because I did not know what was next in my life. I was comfortable. However, we do not grow in our comfort zones. But when life is interrupted by loss, your life will never be the same.

In July, I truly felt a shift towards a new season in my life. It all started with my husband and I getting sick with COVID. It was the longest two weeks ever. As an outgoing person, this was not ideal for me. I was so bummed out because it was my husband’s birthday and I had plans to go to the river and even go glamping. (Boujee version of camping with air conditioner lol) Unfortunately, I had to cancel. There was nothing that I could do about it. We have always been the type to be on the go go go, create, and do, do, do! It really was the worst! Eventually, we got better with time with the care of my amazing mother in law. I don’t know what we would’ve done without her. Weeks later, I was able to make up for my husband’s birthday at a Lagoon in Houston and visit my parents.

As time passed by during quarantine, there was a normal, casual conversation that Mark and I were having as I was washing the dishes. He was calling me spoiled and boujee. Why? Cuz I hate washing dishes. Lol I quickly responded, “I am Boujee…& Blessed.” One thing about Mark is that he is an innovator so in his mind he had a light bulb moment. He was enlightened and said, “Hey, that could be a great business brand for you.” I laughed and was not for it. I brushed it off and he was still on the topic. I was warming up to the idea but I still was not fully onboard. Time flew by and it was happening. Mark was persistent and encouraging me. Days later he made a logo. And BAM! So many ideas, exchanges, and to-do lists came after that simple conversation. It became official. I was really doing this. I remember being so excited that I ended up spilling the beans to my mom and dad the next time we visited. I told them about my new business ventures and they were so excited for me. I was truly pumped for the future with a little more clarity of my next move.

Then August happened…my dad got severely sick, he was then hospitalized, and passed away to be with the Lord on August 31, of 2020. 7 days away from his birthday. Our life was shaken to its core.

It has been a long 4 months but there is not a doubt in my mind that he is with our Father in Heaven. I believe that God allows for certain events to happen in our lives in order for him to intervene and work in us. I don’t believe life events happened out of coincidence. Our prayer was that God would heal my daddy, and with confidence I say, He did heal him. His will was done. His purpose was fulfilled in my dad. And so the legacy will continue with me, my sister and my mom. (I will write more about this later and what God has shown us through this time.)

So why start your own business now?

First off, I’ve never seen myself as an entrepreneur before this year. I knew that eventually 5 years later or something I would. But not now. Like what? Me? A boss? Nah. Plus, I felt that this “boss babe” title was hyped up at some point. I think that a Boss Babe is not just someone who owns their own business but rather it is a mindset. A mindset of endurance, confidence, and being unshakeable. Owning it! Anyone can own a business, but how are they carrying themselves? How do they treat people? How do they inspire others? This entire thing came out of a simple conversation, but it was bigger than me. It was something that God was planting in me to launch me into something greater than I imagined. I am scared as heck but I am trusting God that he will take this into what it needs to be. I am starting this to empower other woman to be confident in themselves no matter what season they are in!

So why Boujee & Blessed?

Boujee and Blessed is dedicated to my dad. Initially, it did not start that way but it ended up being the driving force of why I continued to push for this new beginning. This new chapter. This new season. Because honey, I could’ve stopped all the planning of launching this business. I could’ve thrown in the towel before even starting! I could’ve said, the heck with this! What is the freaking point?! But I didn’t! I refuse to give up! Why? Because I remembered all the things my dad taught me. I was impacted by his legacy. His testimony. His accomplishments. And even with all of that…he still dreamed! I am so thankful for my dad’s life. I am forever grateful to God for giving me the best dad a girl could ever have. I will never give up because he never did. He lived a life that truly glorified God. And let me tell ya’ll! My dad was Boujee & Blessed! Lol He was humble in character and had an expensive taste here and there, but he knew where his blessings came from. From those blessings, he lived a life of gratitude and always gave to others with no expectation of gaining anything in return. He left an example that is unforgettable. Both my parents are the definition of Boujee and Blessed. This is for them.

This isn’t a sappy story/blog to tell you to support my business. But rather to serve as a reminder that we are on this earth for a bigger purpose. For us to live and walk in our calling. For us to know our worth and not lower our standards. For us to walk in confidence. For us to know that yes, we can live a luxurious life and obtain wealth but remember where our blessings come from: Our Provider and Creator! I am starting this blog in hopes of encouraging, inspiring, & sharing through my personal experiences in my faith and grief journey. Thank you for reading & and I hope that this blesses anyone who is reading. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. God Bless.

I am Boujee and Blessed.

Deborah Deleon

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