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Getting Away from the Noise

Lately, work has been picking up sooo so much for Mark and my workplace has been nothing but a struggle to be happy about. It had been so crazy that Mark and I hardly spent any alone time together! So I surprised Mark with a getaway trip to escape the daily rituals and reconnect. 7 years ago he asked me to be his GF. I stopped counting but really…it was just my excuse to getaway! Lol It was so worth it! Managing work, responsibilities, our businesses, and everything else that comes with adult-ing, I just needed for us to disconnect from the world a bit. Sooooo we will tell you everything that we did and where we went! :)

AAAAH! I don’t even know where to start. We reserved the GETAWAY HOUSE for 2 nights. I am not even gonna lie though, I booked this place just so I could take cute Instagramable photos like the one shown below. Haha But this trip truly was needed. Like I didn’t want to leave. Okay, so let me just start from day one.

Sunday Night:

Mark and I went with no expectations and usually I am a planner and I have an itinerary for every hour but not this time. So the only thing I planned was what I was going to cook. So we went grocery shopping after church. We quickly packed and left for this long awaited trip. The drive from Houston was approx. less than one hour. The drive was super easy! It was short and sweet! Check in was any time after 3PM so we got there around 5PM or 6PM. Leading up to the day of our stay, they communicated everything to us through email and the day of we were given our code to enter our cabin. When we arrived we were greeted with a sweet note and a gift of a Smores Kit! There was even a cellphone lockbox to disconnect with the world and put our phones in there. There is minimal service in the woods so I was happy about that. I was ready for that but I don’t think Mark was! Haha SURPRISE!


What is funny about the first full day at the Getaway is that we had to wake up early to drive somewhere to get signal because of meeee! Why? Because I forgot to freaking post my assignments to my kiddos. Literally on the side of the road posting an assignment with Hotspot. Only me. Lol Since we were already out, we forgot some things and we went to HEB and a cute coffee shop called Hewbrews Coffeehouse in Magnolia. We stayed there for a bit to work on a few things but it was so so nice! Mark said their Mocha Latte was one of the best that he has tasted. They were also so friendly! 5 stars, if you ask us! From there, we went back into our tiny getaway home! We passed the time reading, catching up on my bible reads, cooking, enjoying each other, doing puzzles, cleaning and we even played cards. I had forgotten how to play Speed and all the fun cards games. I won multiple times and I finally beat Mark at something. It was so freeing to not be on our phones! We really wanted to go hiking buttttttt it was raining anddddd I read somewhere on the pamphlet that there was bears so I got scared! Lol Anyway, the rain made it easy for us to sleep! It was so peaceful. Since it was raining, it was difficult to start a fire but alas the fire got started and we got some smores! It was great!


Check out was at 11AM. I cooked breakfast, we cleaned, and got ready. We got to enjoy this place for a few more moments. I just wanted to stay there a few more days. We decided to go to a few places that they recommended. We went to Blue Bell and Brenham Downtown. And boy was I sleeping on Brenham. I had never been. There was boutiques, art everywhere and small businesses there. Blue Bell was my favorite because of their one dollar ice cream. A fun fact about Mark is that he loves antiques. So guess where we went…an antique store. It was actually attached to a furniture store. So there we go dreaming about the day we will get our own home. We got all riled up! We also saw a beautiful frame that had all types of butterflies that was hung up in one of the display rooms. Another beautiful reminder. We then walked around and went to a restaurant called Funky Art Café. It was a very artsy place and good food! We left full and happy and ready to head back to reality.

The reality is…it’s so easy to get caught up in this digital world. Disconnecting and recharging is the best thing that we can do for us and everything around us. I miss the simpler times. I miss the complete attention that we should have when others are speaking. I didn’t miss picking up my phone first thing in the morning. I did not miss going to work and having a lousy morning routine. I just wanted to BE. I am so grateful that I booked this trip for us. Even Mark forgets to rest. He is always on the go just like me, but as his wife I gotta remind us to slow down and just be still for a bit. My mental health has been the MOST important in the last few months. I am happy that my husband and I got to spend some time alone and become closer and closer. I am so thankful for him.

Additional Details of the Getaway House:

1. First off, no matter where you are from, the Getaway House is available in all parts of the US. (See website for locations available.)

2. Everything is in included: Restroom, Shower, A/C + Heater, and towels. I loved this because I was worried I had to walk somewhere else just to use the restroom or take a shower lol

3. Kitchen is available for you with a stove, mini-fridge, a pot, a pan, and all dishware. Make sure to bring all your own groceries They had the basics like salt, pepper and olive oil but that was it. I am glad I brought my own spices. In addition, be sure to bring your own ice chest if you prefer things to be a bit colder. They do have other things foods and coffee there that would be an additional cost, so for that reason, just bring your own things.

4. But let’s talk about this beddddd! The Queen bed was like a piece of heaven! We slept so good and it was so comfortable. It was better than the hotel beds if I am honest.

5. Packing: Mark and I had packed light and surprisingly we even shared a suitcase! Lol That never happens! Minimal clothes is needed. We took workout clothes and comfortable clothes.

6. In the pamphlet that they give you, there is so many places to hike and visit. We did not have plans to go to Brenham or Blue Bell. It literally just happened. I love spontaneity!

7. If you have any questions, feel free to message me on Instagram or email. I would be happy to answer.

Fun Fact: The owners wrote a book about getting away and it’s in every cabin. Their heart is to truly provide a getaway from the busyness of life, to be still, and be one with nature. #Beautiful

This was probably unnecessarily more than what ya’ll asked for but if you know me…you know I am extra! Lol I hope ya’ll enjoyed this blog. I didn’t think I was going to do a blog about the Getaway but I think at this point everyone needs and deserves a getaway. So here is my link for you to get $25 dollars off of your reservation for the GetAway. And no, this is not sponsored or an ad. Although I wish it was. Lol I just truly enjoyed this experience and I wanted to share!

P.S. Mugs are coming really soon to the Boujee & Blessed Shop! What do ya'll think?

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