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The Side Hustles that BOSS’D me up!

If there is one thing you need to know about me is that I love social media. I love talking. I love being on camera. I love doing my make-up. I love taking photos. A typical extrovert doing the most. Lol But I am also an open book. Not afraid of sharing too much. Not afraid of what people say about me. I love connecting with people on social media. I love bringing joy and positivity to others. I feel like overtime, organically my personal page has become a page of all things lifestyle. I post different aspects of my life. But with this pandemic, something sparked inside of me to do MORE. I decided to do jump into some crazy side hustles. But here is the thing, these side hustles are things that I already incorporate on a week to week basis & daily even. Nothing is forced and all of them are different from each other. So I said why not monetize this and reach for more?

But what really had me re-thinking my whole life is the fact that I only had one source of income coming in (besides my husband’s income of course). I am currently a dance teacher full-time at a public charter school...but baby, it is not the same right now, but that’s not what we are not talking about here. I get sidetracked easily. Lol Moving on! In the beginning of August I was concerned with the status of my job because as we all know, electives are the first thing to be thrown out the window. But Praise Jesus, I still have my job. I am super grateful for this. But that was it, what if I was not teaching? What would I fall back on? I had no idea so I just launched myself into being a whole BOSS!

With all of that being said, I currently have 5 side hustles. Each one came into my life naturally & ended up in my lap when everything around me was changing. So I will go in order about how this happened. After each summary, I will place the links and information for you to check them out and support your girl!


Red Aspen

The first interaction that I had with this business was through my Pastor and friend Sarah. One day when we were at church, I had noticed her nails and I told her that I loved her nails. She said they were press-ons and I was like, “What?!”. Usually with certain brands you can tell. But these were legit! They looked so natural that I truly could not tell. I remember her gifting me some eyeliners and press on nails. It was such a sweet gesture. At this point, I was hooked, she was selling them and I was buying them during the pandemic! They truly kept me and my friends sane! I was a nail biter and now my nails are long and healthier than before. I am ashamed of the boy fingers I had. Lol Over the summer she would send group messages and ask what we wanted and we would pay her so she could do a bulk order. Eventually, I was like, let me sell too! Haha Me and some of my friends joined her team and here we are! Our nails are on point, skipping the nail salons, saving money, and saving time! We absolutely love it! Red Aspen has not only nail dashes but lashes, make-up and more items! Shout out to my Red Aspen ladies!

Here’s my personal link! Browse for your next set of nails!


Tori Artis Planners

This one is a special one for me. I have been following this business since 2019. I attended a Miradela Holiday Market Pop Up event last December. I was so obsessed. I did not buy a planner though because I already had one for 2020. Later in July, she posted that she was looking for brand ambassadors! Baby, I signed up so quick! Lol I ended up getting an email on the first of week of August and I was stoked! I was so thankful for being selected out of 100 applicants! Although, I got the news during such a hard time in my life, it meant so much to me for a brand new door of possibilities to open for me. It might not mean much to others, but this meant everything for me. I am literally obsessed with planners too! I have used planners every year since I was in high school. So this was perfect! Also, I am old school. Lol Digital calendars and iPhone reminders aren’t my thing. Lastly, being a small business supporter this was just an honor to do. Check out the link below and purchase yours soon because she will sell out.

Here is the website for the planners:

Use my 10% off discount code: DEBORAH



Whew! So this right here has been my main focus because I told my dad that I was joining this new business. I had literally joined on the last day of July. I felt that I had to continue because I know my dad would've wanted me to. I found out about this through my friend Emily back in July. I was seeing her go live and share her hair journey. I had no intention of joining until I realized had no additional source of income as I mentioned earlier. So I just went for it. MONAT is a premium hair and skin and now wellness line. I made an investment and the rest is history. I have learned so much about myself and what I am capable of through this company. They have all the tools for you to become successful. I am no expert but I am always willing to learn. Because of this, I have helped people with their hair and skin needs. I am currently working on building a team for those that are interested. This is also what has been funneled into Boujee and Blessed and to help with getting me out of debt. The compensation plan is truly insane and anyone can do this. I am so grateful for this! If you have purchased from me, completed a hair quiz or have supported anything I do with this, from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!

Here is my website for you to complete your hair quiz and browse through the products.


Hydro Jug

This one I don’t promote as much. But baby girl! I need to drink me some water and that’s why I mainly did this. I struggle with drinking water so this was something I needed. And if I could promote a jug that is easy to carry everywhere and I could make some money on the side. Then honey, I am in. Lol This water jug is super stylish, easy to take anywhere and even has a pocket for you to place your phone or wallet when you are in the gym. I absolutely love it! They have so many colors, prints, accessories and also a straw so it's easier to drink. That’s it! That the story! Lol Oh and even my husband has one! :) Don't forget to drink your water yall!

Here’s my link to purchase your jug and cute accessories to go with it! J


Boujee and Blessed

All of the side hustles I just mentioned are the investment for this baby right here! In my first blog post, I explained how this brand came to life. Right now, I am not 100% sure of where this will take me. But what I do know, is that I want to continue encouraging others through this blog. I want people to know that yes, we can have all the blessings and be boujee all we want, but we cannot forget where those blessings come from. Everything we have is a blessing from God. I want to remind women and men of their worth but through God. What you will see when my shop opens in January 30, 2021 will be merchandise. I want to do merch that will bring people hope, reminders of God's goodness and their worth and bring joy through everything I release. Know that every idea I have is with a purpose and representation of life. That is my hope for this. Boujee and Blessed isn't just another brand or shirt it is a statement.

With all of this, people might say that I am doing too much. But really, I am doing exactly what I need to do to reach MY goals & dreams. One thing that I learned from my dad is to always dream. He always had goals, dreams, and ambitions. He was always wanting more for himself and our family. My dad actually accomplished most of them because he had his mind focused on God and he worked hard. He did a lot too. He had his full time job as an IT, had his own business with fixing computers, administered finances for his church, he was a musician and he even started a music school to teach others. I guess I get the hustle from my daddy. If that doesn't motivate you enough...well I don't know what to tell you but it motivates me. Yes, everything I do moving forward is to honor my dad and continue the legacy he left for our family, but it is also to honor God in everything that I do. I don't want to just do the bare minimum. I want to show others that with God anything is possible. God has been soo good to me and I just want to share that.

How will you BOSS up in 2021 to reach your dreams, goals and aspirations?

Yours truly,

Deborah Deleon

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